The Cary Leads Group offers business networking and lead sharing in a non-exclusive profession environment, meaning that unlike other networking groups, there can be multiple members from the same profession.

There is no membership fee or required referral generation to participate in the group. We believe that with time as members become familiar with others businesses, leads and business opportunities will develop.

Just show up any Thursday with business cards at the ready and a 30 second commercial to tell us about you and your business.

We meet every Thursday at 9:45 am  on Zoom. Use the link below and goto our Facebook page to find login info.  Come Join Us!

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The Cary Leads Group was started in April, 2007 by John Majernik, & Jennifer & Andy Siouville (owners of JavaBlu Espresso) After visiting the newly formed Apex Leads Group they realized that Cary needed a similar group. The Cary Leads Group was formed and follows the same format as The ALG which was based on the original Chapel hill Leads Group that started back in 2000.

For the first 11 months the group met at the coffee bar. After a few uninspiring locations, we began meeting at the BNC on Walnut Street. When the BNC closed in 2012, we relocated to Hope Community Church.

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