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Success in business is not about getting breaks, being lucky, or having success handed to you. Success in business comes from forming a clear vision, developing a solid road map, and maintaining perseverance along the way. In other words, having success in business begins and ends with you.

Forming a Clear Vision

Developing a clear vision is the first step towards creating success in your business. You need a clear picture in your mind of what it is that you are directing your energy toward. What will your goal look like when it is reached? Many athletes use this mental visioning as a way to train for the actual event. They rehearse over and over in their mind a clear picture of performing each step with precision. They hear the crowds cheering as they push forward, see the other athletes they are pulling in front of and experience the emotions from crossing the finish line in first place. Envision already having reached your goal. Become clear in your mind what your life is like, what your business is like, and what the world around you is like when your goal is reached. Be specific and write it down. Train for this event by rehearsing it over and over in your mind.

Developing a Solid Road Map

When you set out for a cross country trip in your car, you don’t just jump in and begin driving. You first map out your trip and decide on the best routes to follow. As you travel, there may be obstacles along the way. These obstacles require you to make adjustments to your route and eventually you arrive at your planned destination. The same applies for fulfilling the vision for your business. Your vision is your planned destination and the goals and actions steps you develop are the routes you follow that eventually lead you to the realization of your vision. Setting weekly goals, identifying obstacles, and developing action steps to overcome those obstacles are viable ways to stay on track. The weekly goals and action steps become the road map that you use to build success in your business.

Maintaining Perseverance

The dictionary definition of perseverance is being steady, persistent, moving with purpose in spite of difficulties or obstacles. Anyone who has made their vision a reality in their life had to overcome various obstacles. The way you maintain your perseverance is through maintaining your mental preparedness. Your mental preparedness is the thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes you hold for yourself. Maintaining positive thinking, a strong belief in yourself, and an attitude of overcoming any challenge, allows you to move through any obstacle with confidence.

So, success in business does begin and end with you. Set a clear vision, develop a solid road map, and maintain your perseverance along the way. Get up every day with enthusiasm and excitement and do what is yours to do to move yourself closer to the realization of your vision.

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