Find your Comedic Voice Workshop

Do you wish you could develop your sense of humor and learn to think more like a comedian?

Then consider attending this workshop being presented by my very funny comedian and public speaker friend and fellow HighNoon Toastmasters club member, Al Herr.


This workshop will begin with an analysis of a scene from “The Office” with a discussion of using humor in the workplace and how to evaluate your audience and choosing appropriate humor. From there a discussion of  personality and what makes people funny or not and how to avoid being the latter. Following that will be exercises on “Comedy Angles and Exploitation of the Target.” Using interactive exercises attendees will learn the 7 humor structures, comedian’s rules and introduction to Improv with an overall goal of helping someone find their “comedic voice.” 

 Cost: $50.00
Center for Excellence
3803 Computer Dr #106, Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 848-6600
Submitted by David Heckel
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