Valuing Your Intellectual Property

by Jeff Davidson, MBA, CMC c 2012

Have you ever stopped to think that you have valuable property right on your hard drive? Undoubtedly, you have a variety of notes that you have taken over the years arranged in various categories. You have written scores of articles. In support of your clients or customers, you may have developed forms that enable them to easily transact business. You may also have a variety of presentations and slides such as those created with programs including PowerPoint, as well as charts, exhibits, graphs, and other items that constitute materials for participants at your presentations.

On top of all these items, it is likely that you have boiler plate material for contracts and agreements. There may be carefully worked boiler plate letters that you adapt based on the particular situation at hand, and other templates, rosters, and check lists that represent value, the likes of which you may not have recently, or ever, contemplated.

What about your data base? If you have 1,000 or 10,000 names, these represent intellectual property of sorts – marketing intelligence, in this case. Elsewhere on your hard drive, you may have proprietary photographs, files containing logos and/or trademark materials, as well as formulas, processes, even material that represents trade secrets. You may have data, notes, or material on specific industries, trend information, quotes, or collections.

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